Is CrossFit for me?
Absolutely! CrossFit is for ALL levels of fitness and ALL ages. The program is universal for kids, teens, athletes, grandparents, and everyone in between.

How do I get started?
We’re excited that you are ready to get started with CrossFit Endzone! For anyone new to CrossFit we have them start out with our Fundamentals program. Over the course of 6 sessions, you will learn to safely execute movements and lifts so that when you transition into classes you will be more prepared, less intimidated, and less likely to get injured.

There are a few ways to get started with us. You can come by our gym anytime to say hi, observe a class, meet our coaches, see our facility and sign up for Fundamentals. You can also email or call us for more information. Or finally, try us out for a week. This gives you the opportunity to see what Endzone is about, learn more about CrossFit, and meet our community and coaches. Whichever way is easiest for you, we’re looking forward to meeting you and introducing you to our CrossFit Endzone family!

What can I expect on my first day?
We know CrossFit can be very intimidating to someone on their first day, so don’t worry, your first day will be focused on getting you use to our gym. You will be led through a warm up of basic movements, taught some new basic skills, and then given a workout in which the intensity will be completely personalized for you. If you feel confident in your fitness ability you can go as hard as you can, however if are not used to working out you will be encouraged to take it at your own pace.

Can I check out the gym first before committing to anything?  Yes! Come check us out for FREE! Email us or fill out our form so we can contact you and get something set up for you. Please check out our Coaches Page to learn more about the Endzone coaches. 

Do I need to get fit before starting CrossFit?
ABSOLUTELY NOT! CrossFit is designed for everyone from of ALL fitness levels ranging from professional athletes to people that have never worked out a day in their lives. We can scale every movement and every workout. Fitness, for every single one of us, is an ongoing pursuit. Whatever level you are at now, this is the perfect time to start CrossFit and improve yourself.

I have a preexisting injury. Can I still do CrossFit?
Yes, absolutely! We have had many clients who came to us with various ailments who have found relief by strengthening the muscles around the problem area. Every movement in CrossFit is scalable which allows anyone to take part, no matter if they have an injured area or not. Our coaches have extensive knowledge in helping our athletes work around injuries and scale movements accordingly. If you have any questions about an injury, please ask us how we can help you modify any movement.

Am I too old or too young to start CrossFit?
Because CrossFit uses natural, functional movements anybody can do it! You are never too old to start working out! Remember every workout is as hard as YOU make it and can always be scaled accordingly! When you come in and meet our members, you’ll immediately see the varying ages and fitness levels. We are all working together to improve our health and fitness.

What’s a WOD?
It is the “Workout of the Day”. This workout could be a “named” workout, developed and described on the national site, however most of the time it will be a workout we have programmed here. Our programming is based on years of experience and the overall needs of our clientele. It is all part of the “constant variation” philosophy of CrossFit.

What happens in an Olympic Lifting class?
Part of CrossFit is learning the Olympic Lifts - the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk. You will get exposure to the lifts during CrossFit classes and will have the opportunity to work on these lifts. To continue building on these lifts, our Olympic Lifting classes focus on instructing and improving the technical execution of the Snatch, Clean and Jerk, and other related lifts. Lifting classes help improve explosiveness and power and gives you a better foundation of overall strength. We drill technique, efficiency, and coordination with the lifts and we laugh a lot! Programming varies each class and is on a 4 week cycle. You can attend class at any point during the cycle. Please visit our Coaches page to learn more about our Olympic Lifting coaches.