Have specific goals, but don't know how to achieve them?

Talk with a coach and receive 2 extra days of additional accessory programming to do on top of the daily class workouts. Programmed weekly based on your weaknesses and goals.


  • Personalized programming is the quickest way to help you reach your goals and work directly on your weaknesses.
  • It is a safe and effective way to reach your goals because the volume, intensity, and movements are developed for you and only you.

To get started, please see Coach Drew for more details.



Our group classes are meant to deliver fitness to our large community, but when it comes to reaching specific goals, we offer Private Coaching. If you are looking to get back into shape, increase strength, refine technique, prepare for a competition, or just feel more comfortable in a personal setting, we are here to design a program just for you.

  • Your coach will help you identify and clarify your fitness goals

  • Private coaching is an effective and efficient way to achieve your goals

  • A specific program is designed for you to achieve your fitness goals as quickly as possible
  • Having a scheduled session with your coach helps keep you accountable

We offer a variety of Private Coaching packages.

For more information on Private Coaching visit the Private Training page on Front Desk.

For pricing and to purchase a package, please visit Front Desk and look under the "PASSES" section.