Thursday 9.5.19

Time to sign-up for the 2019 EZ Intramural that runs along with the CrossFit Open in October. It’s $20 to sign-up. Fill out the form and give your sign up fee to any coach. Deadline to sign up is September 30th. New to the intramural? Read about it here.


Every 90 seconds for 9 minutes:

Speed Deadlift x 3 reps @ 65% or 1-RM


In teams of two, alternating complete rounds, perform as many rounds and reps as possible in 24 minutes of:

25 Double Kettlebell Deadlifts (24/16 kg)

50-Foot Front-Racked Kettlebell Walking Lunges (24/16 kg)

100-Foot Double Kettlebell Overhead Carry (24/16 kg)

150-Foot Double Kettlebell Farmer's Carry (24/16 kg)


Three rounds of:

21/15 Calorie Row

12 Dumbbell Squat Jumps

Immediately followed by. . .

Three rounds of:

15/12 Calorie Assault Bike

9 Dumbbell Shoulder to Overhead

Immediately followed by. . .

Three rounds of:

200 Meter Run

100-Foot Sandbag Carry or Farmer Carry

Andrew Malek-Zadeh